Fanciful Fall Florals Fashion

Florals for fall was the big message at Oscar de la Renta's pre-Fall 2008 collection, which the designer showed to an audience of press, buyers and socialites on Park Avenue in New York .
Large flower prints in strong colors such as red, green teal and yellow were splashed across the designer's signature feminine frocks and knee-length skirts with soft, voluminous folds and ballooning shapes. Elsewhere, the floral theme took on a modernist twist with an abstract tulip print day dress.

Famous Hollywood Stars in their Jimmy Choo Handbag

Jimmy Choo has been designing amazing footwear collection for many years. From stilettos and flats to wedges and platforms, Jimmy Choo has been framing the feet of men and women all over the world. After many successful years of designing exclusive shoe collections, Jimmy Choo began adding handbags and accessories to his collection as well. His intricate handbags are designed with the same high quality craftsmanship as his stunning shoes. Along with handbags, Jimmy Choo also designs a wide variety of wallets, belts, scarves and other accessories.

Jessica Simpson in her Jimmy Choo Handbag

Victoria Beckham

Halle Berry

Kylie Minogue
carrying 'Mahala'
carries ‘Ramona XL’
carrying 'Troy'

Worlds Most Expensive Handbag

Ashley Olsen has signed a multimillion dollar endorsement deal to advertise the $150,000 Urban Satchel in upcoming issues of Vogue.It's rumored the Olsen Twins are locked in heated battle over who gets to purchase the bag, while Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckham have started a nasty bidding war for it. The recent announcement of the $45,000 Loius Vuitton bag has erupted.

“....the $150,000 purse from Louis Vuitton: a water bottle, marlboro pack, spearmeant guym, tully's cup.”

Loius Vuitton $150,000 Urban Satchel for Spring 2008 that is made from the world's finest Italian leather.

Britney Spears Handbags

Britney Spears loves her Replica Chanel Purse
It was only a matter of time before ex-pop star Britney Spears was added to the pool of celebrities who wear fake designer handbags. Joining the list with tennis pro Anna Kournikova who sports a fake Louis Vuitton Multicolore Speedy, reality t.v. star Nicole Richie who owns a few fake Balenciaga’s, American actress Michelle Trachtenberg who totes a replica Chloe Paddington Satchel, and now Britney Spears with her white-ish-pink bag that’s suppose to be “Chanel.”source(thebag)

Britney Spears Marc Jacobs Karolina Handbag

Britney Spears with Kooba Bag

Britney Spears's Chloe Heloise Shoulder Bag
Her Chloe Heloise Shoulder Bag is so bold, it almost makes you forget that she’s wearing those damn boots again. And that fedora. And, um, velvet shorts. Hey, I said almost forget. But Brit deserves points for selecting something bright and distracting. Those chunky, braided handles are gorgeous on this purse, and this style is fairly timeless.source:(pursepage)

Chloe’s latest “it” bag, the Bay Bag. Britney is just the latest celeb to fall for the stylish leather bag recognizeable by its teardrop-shaped leather tags; Mischa Barton and Kylie Minogue are also proud owners. Britney’s version is done in a nice pumpkin orange-brown hue, and it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Christian Aguilera in Marc Jacobs Bag

Christina Aguilera and her husband braved the paparazzi and headed out to lunch at Ivy in Beverly Hills over the weekend. Despite not announcing officially, rumors have been flying (along with the mouth of Paris Hilton) that Christina is pregnant. Smiling for the camera and even stopping to sign autographs, Christina Aguilera looked great in her white loose fitting dress while toting her Marc Jacobs Ines Patchwork Bag. She paired her sand patchwork tote with a colorful scarf to add a bit of pizazz. Marc Jacob available also at Designers Clothes. source(purseblog)

Nicole Richie in her Balenciaga Bags

The Balenciaga handbag line has a long history. In 1915 the young Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga began designing fine fashions for some of the most notable women of the ear, including the Duchess of Windsor and the Princess of Monaco.

Although Balenciaga had a few less successful years, the talent of designer Nicholas Ghesquire, who came on as creative director in the 1990's, has made the company hugely successful once again. With celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Balenciaga Handbags are now at the height of couture fashion. carrying them.

One of the gals who made Balenciaga celebrity famous was seen hiding from the cameras. This blond haired gal is posed like a chicken with an itch on her way out after a sushi dinner. I am not sure why one who always loves the cameras is deciding to hide all of a sudden, but can you Name that Celeb with the Balenciaga bag?

Christian Audigier's Fashion Show

Christian Audigier collection is based on the vision that captures the American lifestyle culture from rap, pop, and rock and roll

The stillness of the dark room was broken when a sultry singer (Jasmine Villegas) reminiscent of chanteuse Edith Piaf, appeared at the Eiffel Tower mock-up at the stage entrance to the catwalk. A spotlight followed her as she slowly walked its length entertaining us with the song of the same name.

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Alicia Keys in Washington D.C.

Alicia Keys has been spotted rocking a lot of Christian Audigier tops on her recent promo stops. She also rocks them in her popular MTV commercials. She wore the pinked striped "True Love" Christian Audigier top in Washington D.C.

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Christina Aguilera’s Red Balenciaga Handbag

What’s black, white, and red all over? Miss Christina Aguilera, who’s quickly becoming the celebrity world’s leading hot mama to be (sorry, Nicole Richie). I love how Xtina’s ruby-red Balenciaga purse adds fierceness to her funky black and white ensemble. Now baggy sweats and frumpy mumus for this lady. If only Balenciaga made diaper bags, she’d be all set. source(pursepage)