Obama vs. McCain Halloween Showdown

This time I’ll be featuring the two familiar faces in the United States politics this coming Halloween, Obama and McCain…so take a deep breath because the Halloween showdown begin:


The two presidential candidate are the best selling Halloween mask in the internet..hmmm, well this is because of the influence on American politics.


The scary and zombie version of the two presidential candidate

This Halloween and election year, you can become a ghoulish zombie version of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain.

And how about the zombie version of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, will you go for it?

The face to face round between McCain and Obama. Will Obama dominate the Halloween party or the Republican candidate?

Barack Obama is leading??.. hmmm! not sure..because the fight is too close

So who do you think is more deserving to dominate this coming Halloween, is it Obama or McCain..and yeah, before I forget let me remind you..Vote Wisely!!

My top scariest halloween costume

We know that most of us prefer to be pretty on Halloween, but we also know there are some guys who are just born to be bad and want to rock it scary-style while they Trick or treat. So, I’ve created my top scariest costume:

Halloween Sexy Costume of Celebrities

Lolzz... these photos caught my attention..and I'm not sure what do they're celebrating.. Is it a Halloween or a porn party? Lols..

Lols, her boobs is popping up..hmmm do you think this is the right costume for Halloween?

The Halloween showdown..lols

Ed Hardy Swimwear

Models strode on the black-and-white checkerboard runway in Ed Hardy characteristic tattoo designs of familiar skulls, faces, dragons and roses.

Male models strutted beach shorts in all sizes with cartoon skulls and animal shapes; and checkered briefs with strategically placed Hardy motifs. ..continue…