Beauty Trends For 2012

Oh crystal ball, oh crystal ball, what will the year hold for beauty trends? Will lips be bold, will eyeliner still be black and bold? The chances are good, says the crystal ball. Ahh shucks, throw out the crystal ball, no need to guess as many 2012 spring/summer fashion shows have hinted at what is to come for the year. Plus, being the beauty  trend-setter you are, Flair is sure you'll set your own trends as well. Let's see what you might be doing this year.
1. Statement lips - bold colours with a matte finish, which run the gamut of colours.
2. Winged eyes - Cat eyes are still in and were spotted at Dolce and Gabbana and Fendi fashion shows.
3. Metallic eyes - bold, thick spaterrings of gold were plastered over eyes, but you can tone it down without losing the bold effect.
4. Extreme smoky eyes - yes the smoky eye isn't going anywhere; the trend is to keep the eye messy.
5. No mascara - keep the lashes bare by eliminating; this is intended to give a more natural look.
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