Celebrities Halloween Costume

Next month will be the celebration of All Souls Day. Off course! A lot of us are preparing the best Halloween costume for this coming month. This is a worldwide tradition, isn’t it? Hmm, let me show you the Halloween costume of some of the Hollywood Celebrities:

Do you think this costume will suit for you? Paris Hilton looks hot and sexy in her furry bunny ears and a cotton tail.

Or this extraordinary gladiator attire of the famous rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Or Lindsay Lohan’s formfitting fireman costume.

Or do you want to grab the costume of The Duff sisters, Hylie and Hilary.

Oppss! What can I say to this hot and sexy girl.Off course you can’t scare people Mariah.

Wait a minute, I thought you’re a guest in the Pirate of the Caribbean Movie..Lols ..Rinna proves she dances and swashbuckles with equal flair at Camp Ronald McDonald Family Halloween.

So do you have something in your mind what Halloween costume that will suit for you?