Celebrities Trend in Designer Perfumes

Many Years ago, cosmetics companies were accountable for the designer perfumes that lined counters in fancy department stores. Names like Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Chanel, and Guerlain, were all the rage and they often would get celebrities to endorse their designer perfumes. Nowadays, celebrities don't want to endorse another company's perfume line. The vogue in tinseltown is for every starlet to have her own line of designer perfumes and cosmetics.

Do you think celebrities actually have a hand in things?

The degree to which a superstar is involved in the designer perfume that is sold in their name can vary. Some celebrities turn the design tasks over to experts and simply give their approval on the finished items. Other celebrities are deeply involved in the process from the creation stages to the marketing of the designer perfume.

While Celine Dion was involved in every aspect of the formation of her designer perfume, but that doesn't mean she donned a lab coat and actually mixed the vials of scent like a well-known mad scientist. Rather Celine Dion was involved in the creation process that decided just what kind of fragrance she wanted to manufacture. She also participated in designing the bottle and the promotion of her newest line.

Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity that was very much involved in the production of her designer perfume. Since she once worked at a cosmetics counter, Jennifer Lopez knew exactly what she wanted her signature fragrance to smell like. The manufacturer that worked out the fragrance combination credits her with including the hint of sake scent that tops off the perfume.

She even had a pretend diamond ring or necklace on the neck of the bottle design as a tribute to her penchant for wearing jewelry. By staying involved with each aspect of her scent's creation, she can make sure that the perfume genuinely reflects who she is.

Paris Hilton on the other hand did not participate in the creation of her perfume but she does take a large role in the marketing of her perfume. If she wasn't a famous face, the perfume would probably get lost among the many other fragrances at the local store and online perfume websites.

Celebrity designer perfumes is growing in popularity

When Elizabeth Taylor, first introduced designer perfumes decades ago, the reaction was mixed. Many critics felt that celebrity perfumes were just a fad. But t today with many celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Britney Spears, joining the ranks of perfume creators, the sales of celebrity fragrances is daily growing in popularity and sales.

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