Top 10 reasons to love denim

At last, a use for the mini-pocket of our deni...Image by mrjorgen via Flick
FOR decades the word 'denim' was simply another term for your trusty pair of jeans.
But thanks to the denim revival of late, everything is made out of the stuff - from handbags, to tees, to handbags, even bikinis.

And while our dads might still think that jeans are something you wear to walk the dog in, we're much more clued up as the right denims can be super-chic.

The easy-to-wear material goes with absolutely everything, meaning you don't have to spend hours trying to play matchmaker with your wardrobe and, even better - it's not clingy like lycra so is uber-flattering.

Plus denim can be dyed like a million and one shades, so you'll find an assortment of blue washes on the shop rails right now as well as reds, pinks, greens and even yellows....


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